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Join date: Apr 22, 2022


During my trip to the Dominican Republic in 2015, I noticed these beautiful purple flowers growing at my grandmother’s garden. I immediately took out my phone and started photographing the flowers in great detail. That summer, I spent entire afternoons photographing every flower I saw in her garden. This was the first instance where I realized that photography was something I enjoyed doing.

It wasn’t until 2017 that I first got my camera. The same camera I currently own today. I first started out being a street photographer and then began doing small photoshoots with friends from high school. At the same time, I watched YouTube videos on image composing and editing which greatly increased the quality of my images. Eventually, I started to explore my creativity and began directing projects and creating small series with a message in mind.

Today, I’ve been the photographer for school clubs, student led magazines, and independently owned brands while also having a bachelors in Government / Political Sciences. Furthermore, I am more than happy to be part of the Greenzine community where I get to bring my ideas and skills to further provide environmental news and information to new audiences. One of my core beliefs is that it is extremely important to provide urban communities green spaces where nature gets to thrive and people get to have a space to breathe and relax. Transforming communities, specially those of lower income, and creating spaces for interaction should be more of a priority specially within the discussion of environmental issues. I hope to bring those beliefs into the forefront, expand my photography, and be a great contributor to this wonderful team.

Jonathan Montero Vidal

Jonathan Montero Vidal



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