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For those with an unbeatable appetite for environmental storytelling, no need to fear.


Greenzine is partnered with a variety of independent storytellers, changemakers, and independent grassroots organizations that we would like to highlight here.

B.ISA - B. Inspired by Stories of Africa

B.ISA, B. Inspired with Stories from Africa is a YouTube channel where values, passion and environment comes to life. It's a space for promoting stories within Africa, commending initiatives and recommending solutions. All over Africa, we are collecting stories and changing the narrative. With the assistance of correspondents, we are making all stories colorful.

We look forward to connecting with you and inspiring you with stories from all over Africa. Kindly follow us on all our social media pages. B. Inspired with stories from Africa and send your story also by mail at binspiredafricaafrica@gmail.comDon't forget to push the subscribe button on YouTube and follow us on Linkedin and Facebook for insight into your storytellers.

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Public Health Bit

Hi everyone! I am Abdy (she/her) and I am a public health researcher who is passionate about using data to examine population health risks and outcomes and encourage systems to change.


I started @publichealthbit because I found that so much scientific insight was only accessible to a handful of individuals and misinterpretation was widespread. I wanted to create a space to share bits of public health research in a way that is engaging and accessible to the general public!


Follow us for weekly(ish) posts on public health, environmentalism, mental health and so much more!

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Jonny Apple Seed

I intend to dig deeper into the important connection between the health of our planet and the health of the human body.


As we are interconnected creatures with the soil, air, water, food, and animals, we are only as healthy as the earth is.


The climate crisis is not something happening outside of us, as the rising public health crisis is directly correlated with climate crises.


I intend to give information about how ecological issues directly affect our physical, mental, and emotional health, and provide ways to create simple, sustainable solutions within our own life that reduce toxicity for our bodies and the planet alike. 

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Write for Earth

Write for Earth is a project on this year's Global University Climate Forum, supported by academics from UNEP-WCMC, the Scott Polar Research Institute and the Universities of Cambridge and Sussex in the UK. Write for Earth is platforming the voices of individuals - in all their diversity - who are experiencing the differentiated impacts of the environmental crisis. Write for Earth wants to share your knowledge, experiences and hopes in a non-technical, heterogenous way. In doing so, they are compiling a hopeful anthology for the future, and asking you to submit to it!


Being on this year's Global University Climate Forum means that Write for Earth's findings and outcomes will be discussed at an event at the 27th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP27) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and included in a publication to be released following COP27.


Write for Earth was established by Hannah Harrison, Matthew Harris and Leoni-Almaz Reusing, three youth climate activists who met as volunteers for Generation Climate Europe. If you'd like to submit to the anthology, you can do so on the Write for Earth website. You can also follow Write for Earth on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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Coordinated by Coventry University, AGROMIX project aims to drive the transition towards resilient farming, efficient land use management, and more sustainable agricultural value chains in Europe. Funded by the Horizon 2020 European Union’s Research and Innovation Programme, the project brings together 28 partners from 14 countries that will explore multi-actor co-design methods to promote and implement mixed farming and agroforestry practices across Europe. 



Communication Manager 

Josep Crous-Duran, REVOLVE 



Twitter: @AGROMIXproject 

Instagram: @agromixproject 

LinkedIn: AGROMIX Project 

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