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Interview with McKenna Dunbar

Updated: Mar 7

Voted one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices in Social Impact and an acclaimed thought leader in the renewable energy community, McKenna Dunbar acts as Sierra Club’s Building Electrification Lead based in Virginia and leads a team focused on building and home electrification developments, with a particular focus on net zero schools.

Most of their work focuses on reducing dependence on fossil fuels in order to move the electric sector to clean energy.

Dunbar is the Founder and President of Ecological Justice Initiative - an environmental advocacy non-profit organization focused on youth focused environmental research and engagement and is also the CEO of MOCOKONO, a social entrepreneurship development firm focused on reshaping the meaning of corporate social responsibility in ESG markets.

Dunbar is a part of several working groups and committees focused on decarbonization strategies, addressing climate mental health, and various energy related federal policy measures. Dunbar is passionate about energy policy, environmental law, and has a background in environmental justice, clean energy finance, and solar research.

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