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Post-Grad Adventures in Colorado

Updated: Mar 7

Great Sand Dunes National Park (Photo courtesy: Lena Berry)

Post-grad can be a really difficult time; looking for jobs and trying to fill in the time before you begin. For me, I've been trying to spend my time outdoors as much as possible hiking.

Pictured, I have gone to the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Cheyenne Mountain in the last week since I arrived in Colorado. I enjoy the outdoors, but I've never intensely hiked before. This week was quite the challenge, being out of shape from all the indoor time with covid and school. Despite the challenge, it's extremely rewarding to reach a summit or go farther than I ever thought I could. It not only challenges you physically but also mentally to go on when you're exhausted.

Cheyenne Mountain (Photo courtesy: Lena Berry)

I'm looking forward to the next few weeks hitting bucket list hikes and getting in better shape before I move to Oregon to start working (and hike there as well).



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