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By Youth, For People and the Planet

The Greenzine is a platform and community for young people to publish their thoughts and receive mentorship as they navigate the beginning of their careers and transition into adult life. 


We are a 501(c)(3) organization.

Featured Article 

Courage for Climate

Julie Garcia Souza

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Foodscapes are landscapes of the Cyclades island of Andros

A forgotten region looks to the future: Young Appalachians hope for unity 

garden of dreams 2.jpg

The Last Garden of Eden

Garden of Dreams

frank sesno.jpg

Journalism as public service:
A Q&A with Frank Sesno

Intertwining of Futures:
Xavier Cortada Foundation

citizen science.jpg

Connecting Citizen Science
to Education

Blackfeet Nation & Glacier National Park


What does gentrification
look like in Mexico City?

Breaking down microplastics

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