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Anguilla rostrata

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Spirit of the water

Light in the darkness

Our graceful royals

Where have you gone?

Your electricity led the way

Now we are led astray

Kings of the oyster river

Like ribbons in the wind

You swam by the thousands

Headed south each year

To exchange your lives

For new and benevolent eyes

A century has passed

Still we are eager every year

To see those glass cherubs

Slip against the current

Jovial embrace, meeting once

again, wrapped in their lace

A century of hope

Holding our breath

But there is no release

Weird are the weirs

Through which you traveled

Portals as forbidden as the apple

Our community is lost and withered

Our home, mired with the litter

Of our new gods

Tell me, did you find paradise?

If I send this message in a bottle

Will it find that palace of hydrocotyle?

Spirit of the water

Sun that brought each dawn

Our graceful royals

Where have you gone?

Your light is what led the way

So in the dark we must stay

Brian Graves


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