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We Are Earth

Updated: Mar 8

I sit here under this evergreen, shaded by its abundance

surrounded with fields of ungoverned grasses, posies of unfolding flowers, and harmonious symphonies of singing birds calling out for union.

I sit here by this evergreen tree, yet my mind grows evermore curious of the home I think I know so well yet know so little about.

Why am I able to experience the subtle song of nature with such harmony?

Why is the silent bliss nature provides almost nostalgic when I experience it?

Why do the human bodies we experience life in have dependencies on the life that surrounds our senses?

I look out onto the open field and remember that every bird, every tree, every flower, every drop of water that I experience through my body is just as alive as I am. They depend on mother earth just as much as we do. They are the earth in the exact same way we are the earth. All the life that we share this home with depends on the same life forces that we need to exist: Water, sunlight, air, and earth.

We are made up of nothing but pieces of the earth. We are wildflowers, old growth forests, fertile soil, oceans, mountains, stars, and ancient creatures, all broken down and recycled to form the trillions of cells which bring us into being.

We are the earth. We like to think we live on earth, yet every fiber of our being, every cell that embodies us, every moment we get to exist in is the manifestation of mother earth existing within us, within herself.

We are like a wave on the ocean, formed by trillions of droplets of water, eventually crashing and destroying oneself, but never wasted. Those droplets will one day form new waves, new rivers, new glaciers, new life.

We think of ourselves like individual waves, separate from the ocean. We become so scared of crashing that we forget the ocean is the very source of the wave’s existence: ready to reintegrate the wave in a trillion different ways.

We will come to collectively understand that we are not a wave, but rather we are the ocean.

We are earth.

We are all mother earth in disguise, dressed up as people, somehow separate or superior from our brothers and sisters. Somehow separate and superior from ourselves.

Somehow forgotten that we are the dirt on our feet, we are the streams we drink from, we are the animals we live amongst, and we are the people we engage with.

Our veins pulse like roots and streams and lightning.

Our breath beats with the trees and the wind

Our senses are mere reflections of the internal mother that embodies us. The grass you see poking out on the concrete, the next human you talk to, and the next bird you hear singing are just temporary waves of life in the ocean of mother earth. Each life force serves a vital importance to creating the mosaic of our mother. Each one fluid and open to an infinite state of transformation and impermanence.

This is not fiction. I am not daydreaming, I am not a romanticist, I am not pretending. This is the truth of the reality we live in. This is science, this is proven, yet not fully understood.

Our mother is every-thing, every-one, every-body, every-where, every-time.

We are forever in the super womb of our mother nature, held tightly to her center in every moment we live. She holds us with compassion with every form of her we become. She incubates us into our present reality, killing us with every exhalation and rebirthing us with every inhalation.

Forever providing for whatever we choose to do to her- whatever we choose to do to ourselves. Unconditionally forgiving, rejuvenating, and grounding the perfect imperfections she understands ourselves as.

Our human bodies and all material bodies source themselves back to their core. Each force of life celebrates the miracle of the one living, interconnected, beating heart of life.

one earth, one home, one source, one love, one divine truth.

Earth deserves so much more than a day. It deserves a lifetime of recognition and praise for the infinite love it radiates back to us. It deserves a moment of gratitude out of our day to simply give thanks for being anything at all, for having anything at all.


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